Thursday, 19 July 2012


Ahlan Wasahlan ya Ramadan AlMubarak

We, Glam Weddings team would like to wish all Muslimin and Muslimat  "SELAMAT BERPUASA"....

Monday, 16 July 2012

Pameran Pengantin Malaysia at Shah Alam Convention Center

On 13,14 & 15 July 2012, we have done a huge MAIN ENTRANCE at Pameran Pengantin Malaysia by Urban Vibe Event. Location of this expo was held at Shah Alam Convention Center. The theme that has been chosen for that expo was Alice in Wonderland and color scheme was shocking pink,purple and turquoise. We want to thanks to all visitor and organizer who supports us during the exhibition. Below we proudly present our HUGE main entrance for your kind attention.......

Our Main Entrance.

Side look of the entrance.

Main Table.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fantasy of PINK and OLIVE GREEN

On 30th June 2012, its Sharifah Ariana day! We have set up an event for Cukur Jambul ceremony which held at Damansara Perdana. The event is to celebrate a new born granddaughter of Tan Sri MustaphaKamal. The selected color scheme were olive green and pink. We created "A Tale of Ribbon and Crystal" which we hang heaps of ribbons falling from the ceiling. At the end of the ribbons, we attached wishing cards then, we add some bling to it by hanging crystals in between of the ribbons. Furthermore we had a couple of decorated dummies at the dais some scattered around the banquet and along the stairs to create girlish mood. The dummies were on tutus and small flower chokers around the neck. Attached were some pictures that has been taken during the guys do enjoy our creations.....

The whole look of the dais.

Some of the deco which has been set up around the dais.

The other angle of the dais.

Side look of the Dais.

Yellow chairs for the Royal Guests.

The flower.

Dummies were on tutus and some flower.

Hyndragea was nicely decorated on the gate.

Decoration of the flower was decorated around the tent.

The other view of decoration.

Close up of the dummies and flowers.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pameran Pengantin by Urban Vibe Event

Hello peeps we will be at Shah Alam Convention Center (SACC) for Pameran Pengantin 2012. Meet us for more info and promotions....see u there!!!

Its Sofeea Day!

On April 2012, we have set up a huge "Cukur Jambul Ceremony" for Sofeea Shukry a new born baby girl from Dato' Maznah family. The theme was inspired by Merry go Round which the dais has been set up around of the guests. The scheme color that has been chosen was pink and grey. What a great combination! We do also set up a desert table for kids who love sweets very much. Attached with pictures from the event. So guys...take a look at the pictures......

Sofeea picture to welcome guest at Main Entrance.

The Dais was inspired by Merry Go Round.

Inside of the Dais..

Desert Table

Variety of Desert

Flower and teddy bear to be arranged together.